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Happy Families

What We Stand For

(& What We Don't Stand For..)

We believe that every child is talented and learns in their own, unique way. There is no such thing as 'bad students', only one's whose talent has not been discovered yet! 


We believe in affordable tuition for all families. We have seen at first hand the benefits that students get from tuition, and know how it changes the trajectory of their lives. That's why we keep our rates affordable for any budget!

What we do not stand for is families juggling through many challenging times and not receiving a helping hand. We know how important school to the future of a family is, that's why we are offering a helping hand with a free first session!

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UK's Leading Online Tutors

What Subjects Do We Cover..?

We cover all subjects and levels of study. Yes, really..

From helping primary schoolers with their numbers, to helping teens with their Oxbridge entrance exams, we do it all! 

From teaching Computer Science and Coding, to teaching English Literature and History. Again, we do it all! 

We cover all exam boards within the UK National Curriculum!



Our tutors closely follow the UK national curriculum. We cover the whole spectrum of mathematics; from reception, all the way up to A-Level Further Maths.

Exam Prep

Our tailored plans of study prove to enhance student grades and secure university admissions. We also provide  professional help with entrance exams, such as PAT and STEP.


At Plan-A tuition, Science is extensively covered. We pride ourselves in having experts in the fields of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, across all exam boards.


Closely following the latest UK National Curriculum, professional tutors at Plan-A Tuition help develop vocabulary, comprehension and creative writing skills for all ages.


Plan-A Tutors Are Experts At Acing Exams And Will Make Sure You Do The Same!

Each Student Gets a Tailored Learning Programme!

Challenging Topics Are Broken Down so You Understand!

Weekly Worksheets Will Increase Your Confidence!

Extra Exam Hacks Are Provided From The Exam Markers!

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